Play Zone西雅圖伊布和皮卡丘小型活動慶祝活動


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※更新文章日期: 2019-03-16

Play Zone西雅圖伊布和皮卡丘小型活動慶祝活動

🇺🇸西雅圖Pokémon Let’s Go,皮卡丘與伊布:Niantic將在西雅圖舉辦一場小型活動慶祝,慶祝伊布和皮卡丘前往西雅圖



47.614372,-122.334075 🇺🇸美國華盛頓州西雅圖

47.615604,-122.333984 🇺🇸美國華盛頓州西雅圖2

———Pokémon GO 精靈寶可夢團隊敬上

Trainers,we have some good news for you!

Emerald City Comic Con is going live today March 14 until March 17 in Seattle, and Nintendo is setting up a free Pokemon Play Zone – meaning you don’t need to have the badge to the convention.

Here is everything you should know:The Pokemon Go Play Zone will be set up at the Hyatt Regency Seattle which is couple of blocks away from the Washington State Convention Center. Visitors to the Play Zone can play the new Nintendo Switch Pokemon: Let’s Go series, take some cool photos, meet Pikachu and Eevee, and receive special Pokemon themed items.

Pokemon Go players who are looking for an amazing Pokemon Go experience can stop by the Pokemon Play Zone for some limited-time in-game surprises. Pokemon Go Trainers who demo the Pokemon: Let’s Go games will also have the chance to encounter Meltan, a newly discovered Pokemon in the game.

More info will be revealed in the following days, so stay tuned!

Coords of the mini event is :- 47.614395,-122.334175


翡翠城動漫展將於三月14日開始直播, 直到三月17日在西雅圖, 任天堂正在建立一個免費的口袋妖怪遊戲區-意味著你不需要擁有徽章.

這是你應該知道的一切:精靈寶可夢go區將在hyatt regency西雅圖舉辦, 這是來自華盛頓州立大會中心的幾個街區. 到遊戲區的遊客可以玩新的任天堂switch口袋妖怪: 讓我們去系列, 拍一些酷的照片, 遇到皮卡丘和夏娃, 並收到特殊的口袋妖怪主題物品.

精靈寶可夢go的玩家正在尋找神奇的pokemon go體驗, 可以在口袋妖怪遊戲區阻止一些限時的遊戲驚喜. 精靈寶可夢go的訓練師們展示了神奇寶貝: 我們去遊戲也有機會遇到meltan, 一個新發現的口袋妖怪在遊戲中.

接下來幾天將揭曉更多資訊, 所以請繼續關注!

迷你活動的地點是 :- 47.614395,- 122.334175