Pokemon GO 寶可夢GO 體驗的改進


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※更新文章日期: 2019-10-23

Pokemon GO 寶可夢GO 體驗的改進

Pokémon GO體驗的改進

為了給您帶來更有意義的體驗,我們一直在全球範圍內進行遊戲性調整。 調整功能是科技和手機遊戲行業的標準做法。Pokémon GO 擁有一個可幫助您確定哪些方法可行並可以改進哪些方法社群,我們對此感到很幸運。

一段時間以來,我們一直在進行各種遊戲設計更改,例如在 PokéStop 較少的區域提供更多物品,引入不同的商店捆綁包,並調整團體戰難度以迎合團體戰所在的社群。 這些測試旨在幫助我們為世界各地的不同玩家提供最佳體驗。 最近進行的一項實驗是舉行『傳說團體戰晚餐約會』,您的反饋意見有助於改善,這已成為廣為享受的一個活動,世界各地社群的共同努力,共同創造了 Pokémon GO 的回憶。

在不久的將來,您可能會注意到大型功能發布之間遊戲中的一些變化。 為確保訓練員獲得相同的體驗,我們正在仔細研究 Pokémon GO 的功能以及訓練員如何使用它們。 儘管確實需要花費一些時間,但我們要感謝您一直以來的支持,並在您不斷提供反饋的同時,我們希望繼續發展和發展這款遊戲。 我們的目的是根據我們在小規模測試中所學習到的經驗,在找到合適的模式後,向所有訓練員推出這個功能改變。

緊記時刻保持安全,並樂於探索!—The Pokémon GO team


October 22, 2019 Community Note: Improvements to the Pokémon GO experience

Trainers,In an effort to create an even more meaningful experience for you, we’ve been implementing gameplay adjustments around the world. Adjusting features is standard practice for the technology and mobile-gaming industries, and we consider ourselves lucky that Pokémon GO has a community that is helpful in determining what works and what can be improved.

For some time, we’ve been implementing various game-design changes, such as providing more items in areas with fewer PokéStops, introducing different shop bundles, and tailoring raid levels to fit the communities where the raids appear. These tests are meant to help us provide the best experience for different players around the world. A recent experiment was the launch of Legendary Raid Hour, and your feedback was instrumental in improving this now widely enjoyed event, where communities around the world work together and create Pokémon GO memories.

In the near future, you may notice a few changes in the game between large feature launches. To ensure Trainers have a seamless experience, we’re taking a close look at Pokémon GO’s features and how Trainers access them. While changes do take time, we’d like to thank you for your ongoing support, and with your continued feedback, we look forward to continuing to grow and evolve the game. Our intention is to roll out changes to all Trainers once we’ve determined what the best experience is, based on what we learn together in the small-scale tests.

Stay safe, and happy exploring!—The Pokémon GO team