Pokemon GO升級補給站全球開放 Pokestop Powered-Up 等級獎勵


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※更新文章日期: 2021-12-09

Pokemon GO升級補給站全球開放 Pokestop Powered-Up 等級獎勵

Ho Chan香港寶友回報

升級Pokestop功能已經全球開放! 等級20或以上的玩家均可使用。


暫時知道的條件係可以升級的Pokestop/Gym都會有「AR MAPPING」Logo 在左上角。


每掃描一次Pokestop +10點數

等級1:所需點數:50 持續時間:48小時 獎勵:轉牌時額外獲得1件道具

等級2: 所需點數:50 持續時間:12小時 獎勵:轉牌時額外獲得2件道具 夥伴精靈額外獲得一心

最高等級3: 所需點數:150  持續時間:12小時 獎勵:轉牌時額外獲得2件道具 夥伴精靈額外獲得一心


我們很高興地宣布 Powered-Up PokéStops,您將能夠與其他訓練師一起以全新方式體驗 PokéStops。

December 8, 2021

Power up PokéStops to receive better rewards and create new AR experiences

Trainers,We’re excited to announce Powered-Up PokéStops, a feature that will make new use of the AR Mapping tasks we introduced last year. Soon, you’ll be able to work with your fellow Trainers to complete AR Mapping tasks and create exciting new AR experiences for Trainers worldwide, simply by using your smart device to scan real-world PokéStop locations.

You’ll be able to power up certain PokéStops and Gyms for a limited period of time by completing AR Mapping tasks. Powered-Up PokéStops will look different on the map, and any Trainer who spins one will earn extra rewards. As more Trainers level 20 and above perform AR scans of a PokéStop, the rewards for spinning it will increase, and the PokéStop will be powered up for a longer period of time. Powered-Up PokéStops will have three visually distinct levels, and they’ll level up as more Trainers work together to scan the PokéStop. The scanning requirements to achieve each level are as follows.

Level 1: Five scans
Level 2: 10 scans
Level 3: 25 scans

To scan a PokéStop, go to the PokéStop or Gym’s details page and tap the three dots in the upper right. You must be level 20 or above to complete AR Mapping tasks.


Opt in to the feature via the on-screen prompts if it’s your first time performing a scan.
Tap the record button to start scanning. Keep the subject within the frame, and slowly walk around the subject if possible.
Tap Upload Later or Upload Now to upload your scan.

Learn more about Powered-Up PokéStops, including the rewards they offer and the duration of time they’ll remain powered up at each level, in this help center article.

Curious about how to submit PokéStop AR scans ? We’ve put together a tutorial video that can be found here.

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—The Pokémon GO team