Pokemon GO 程式碼中新增帕底亞寶可夢與屬性清單


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※更新文章日期: 2023-08-24

Pokemon GO 程式碼中新增帕底亞寶可夢與屬性清單

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Pokemon GO 程式碼中新增帕底亞寶可夢與屬性清單




●飄香豚 (男) 一般

●海豚俠 (英雄形態) 水

●怒鸚哥 (白色羽毛) 一般 飛行

●米立龍 (上弓姿勢) 龍 水

●鐵包袱 冰 水

●鐵臂膀 格鬥 電

●鐵脖頸 惡 飛行

●鐵毒蛾 火 毒

●鐵荊棘 岩石 電

●涼脊龍 龍 冰

●鐵武者 妖精 格鬥

●故勒頓 格鬥 龍

●密勒頓 電 龍


RESOURCE ID: form_oinkologne_male TEXT: Male

RESOURCE ID: form_palafin_hero TEXT: Hero Form

RESOURCE ID: form_squakabilly_white TEXT: White Plumage

RESOURCE ID: form_stretchy TEXT: Stretchy Form

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_desc_0991

Removed TEXT: Its shape is similar to a robot featured in a paranormal magazine article. The robot was said to have been created by an ancient civilization.

Added TEXT: It resembles a mysterious object mentioned in an old book. There are only two reported sightings of this Pokémon.

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_desc_0992

Removed TEXT: It is very similar to a cyborg covered exclusively by a paranormal magazine. The cyborg was said to be the modified form of a certain athlete.

Added TEXT: This Pokémon shares many similarities with Iron Hands, an object mentioned in a certain expedition journal.

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_desc_0993

Removed TEXT: It resembles a certain Pokémon introduced in a paranormal magazine, described as the offspring of a Hydreigon that fell in love with a robot.

Added TEXT: It’s possible that Iron Jugulis, an object described in an old book, may actually be this Pokémon.

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_desc_0994

Removed TEXT: This Pokémon resembles an unknown object described in a paranormal magazine as a UFO sent to observe humanity.

Added TEXT: No records exist of this species being caught. Data is lacking, but the Pokémon’s traits match up with an object described in an old book.

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_desc_0995

Removed TEXT: It has some similarities to a Pokémon introduced in a dubious magazine as a Tyranitar from one billion years into the future.

Added TEXT: Some of its notable features match those of an object named within a certain expedition journal as Iron Thorns.

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_desc_0996

TEXT: Frigibax absorbs heat through its dorsal fin and converts the heat into ice energy. The higher the temperature, the more energy Frigibax stores.

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_desc_1006

Removed TEXT: It has some similarities to a mad scientist’s invention covered in a paranormal magazine.

Added TEXT: It’s possible that this is the object listed as Iron Valiant in a certain expedition journal.

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_desc_1007_2996

TEXT: This seems to be the Winged King mentioned in an old expedition journal. It was said to have split the land with its bare fists.

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_desc_1008_2997

Removed TEXT: Much remains unknown about this creature. It resembles Cyclizar, but it is far more ruthless and powerful.

Added TEXT: This seems to be the Iron Serpent mentioned in an old book. The Iron Serpent is said to have turned the land to ash with its lightning.